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The Dialogue Project is an interfaith conflict transformation organization. Our mission is to develop mutual trust, relationships and partnerships among ourselves – long time citizens, new immigrants, Palestinians, Israelis and people of diverse faiths and cultures in New York City and beyond.

We meet face to face regularly, with intention. We explore differences and common values. Dialogue offers an opportunity for people to take a risk with the “other”, and move towards reconciliation, self transformation and healing.

We identify issues that affect our lives in New York and our families in the Middle East.

We cultivate a space where we choose to take a risk with each other, and the opportunity to practice: active and generous listening, reflection, Speaking from the “I” without attack, and acknowledgement.


The Dialogue Project is invited to communities around the country to help develop Speaking and Connecting Across Differences programs. This model dialogue gathers adults and youth who find that their neighborhood dynamics change as immigrant populations grow. We bring people into each other’s sacred and meeting places, breaking through the isolation each community experiences. People from the stoops, prayer rugs, and pews learn how to surface our disagreements and find common universal values that they share.


Help us build trust, relationships, and partnerships among neighbors, citizens, and immigrants of different faiths and cultures.