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About Us

The Dialogue Project is an interfaith conflict transformation organization.

Who We Are

The Dialogue Project has been creating personal and community connections through dialogue since 2001. Participants are regular folks from every walk of life, a restaurant owner, student, social worker, clerk, teacher, and grandfather. Our board and program planning committees are comprised of a variety of local organizations and individual dialoguers representing a range of communities that are new to the dialogue process.


What We Do

What we do is simple and creates a space for non-violent alternatives to conflict. We establish guidelines for hearing and conversation. Through tools including “mirroring” exercises, speaking from the “I”, role play, and Playback Theatre (a vehicle used worldwide in areas of conflict), we learn the art of reflective listening—a way to exchange ideas and experiences while suspending prejudices and judgment.Though dialoguers have varied experiences and worldviews, we are developing trust and deep affection for each other every day, as we learn to humanize the “other”. We  challenge deeply held assumptions (our own and others), and develop skills that allow us to be agents for positive social change on our block, at the workplace and in our communities.We do not debate or negotiate settlements, though we do examine our different ideas about how to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.