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Community Empowerment Through Dialogues, Interfaith Outreach and Training

Neighbors gather to sit with each other and break through barriers of silence that often exist among people of different cultures. Our city and state representatives, along with local schools, churches, synagogues, mosques, Community Boards, and nonprofits in each neighborhood get involved in hosting this neighbor-to-neighbor dialogue program.

Please email info@thedialogueproject.org if you are interested in developing a program in your area.

Here is an adult program sample agenda:

Speaking Across Differences Sample Agenda

6:45-7:00 Sign in, Food, Mingling

7:00-7:15 Name Go-Round


7:15-8:00 Small group dialogue (small groups of 3-4)

Last time we didn’t get to the main issue – places where your particular culture and values may differ from the larger society.
We are going to lead into tonight’s question with an exercise where we ask you to speak from your “I”, from your personal feelings and experience.

Exercise – An experience from the “I”: I have experienced a cultural value or custom different from my own, and it made me laugh, cry, disturbed me, informed me, caused me to see something in a different way. Speaking only from your personal experience, please share your experience with your group.

Have you experienced a conflict (within yourself or with someone else, a co-worker, on the job, at school etc.) because your values differed from the greater secular, civil culture?

Some examples:
pledge allegiance in school
swearing an oath on bible in court
young age marriage (Court has to approve)
legalized prostitution newsstands selling/displaying magazines with scantily clad people on covers (some newsstands remove these, honoring concerns about modestly; others do not, honoring “freedom of speech” ideals).

8:00 – 8:30 Large group sharing of small group discussion

Elements of Dialogue PDF

Sample Dialoge Agenda PDF